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Gavel on top of folder October 9th, 2021

Are Ohio OVI/DUI Penalties Too Harsh?

Categories: DUI

Drunk driving, known as operating a vehicle while impaired in Ohio, is a severe criminal offense, and it’s only getting more harshly punished. In fact, across the country, states have started cracking down on drunk drivers. With that said, the consequences of an OVI in…

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Drug test with paper September 29th, 2021

Marijuana OVI Testing in Ohio

Categories: DUI , Marijuana

Ohio may finally have legalized the consumption of marijuana and cannabis products for medical reasons. But that does not mean that the state allows recreational marijuana use or possession. And whether you have a prescription for medical marijuana or not, it is against the law…

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Driver holding beer with police lights in background image March 23rd, 2021

Signs of Drunk Driving: What Do Police Look For?

Categories: DUI

Safe driving requires various mental and physical skills, which don’t coincide with alcohol or drug use. When it comes to identifying impaired drivers, the police look for signs that you’re not fully in control of the vehicle and situation. Since an officer wouldn’t know if…

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Car driver smoking marijuana image March 4th, 2021

How To Handle a Cincinnati Marijuana OVI

Categories: Drugs , DUI

Medical use of marijuana is legal in Ohio, but it’s not legal to drive while impaired. Suppose you’re convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated by marijuana. In that case, criminal penalties depend on how many convictions you’ve had and how much of the drug…

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Wine glass and car keys February 21st, 2021

4 Ways OVIs Get Dismissed in Cincinnati

Categories: DUI

Cincinnati sees a lot of OVI charged, but getting a conviction is another story. An operating a vehicle while intoxicated charge may get dismissed for any number of reasons. We discuss some of them below, but your attorney can help determine if you stand a…

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