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Delhi Township Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Delhi Township, Ohio, your first call should be to the experienced Delhi Township criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene of im电竞官网 . . Brad has broad and deep criminal law experience representing the residents of Delhi Township and other communities throughout the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area who have been arrested or charged with a wide variety of criminal offenses from traffic offenses to burglary or even more serious crimes like murders .

Free, initial consultations with veteran Cincinnati area criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene are available by calling (513) 338-1890 or by contacting us online .

Murder, Manslaughter and Homicide Charges in Delhi Township

Although Delhi Township generally ranks as one of the safest areas in Ohio, official statistics from the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services reflected that 19 violent crimes, two murders, and one rape were reported in Delhi Township in 2014. (The full statistics for Delhi Township and all other communities in Ohio can be found here ).

Charges related to the death of someone else are among the most serious charges that someone can face in the state of Ohio. With respect to murder, and depending on the circumstances under which the death occurred, someone can be charged with either murder, manslaughter or homicide. Pursuant to Ohio law, murder is the unlawful, premeditated killing of another human being, whereas homicide is defined as causing another person’s death, whether lawfully or unlawfully. Involuntary manslaughter is defined under Ohio law as the death of another person that is caused by an oversight by the criminal defendant that causes the victim’s death. An example of this would be if you are changing the radio and do not notice someone walking into the street in front of your car, and your car plows into that person, killing them.

The penalties for these types of charges are based on the circumstances under which the victim’s death occurred. Depending on the specific crime a person is charged with, murder, manslaughter or homicide charges in Ohio can either be a first-degree misdemeanor, with a potential sentence of up to 180 days in jail, to a first-degree felony punishable by up to life in prison or even the death penalty.

Because these are such serious charges, it is extremely important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney representing you in connection with any charges which involve the death of another person. Therefore, it is critical that you give your murder, rape or violent crime charge the level of importance it deserves by hiring only the best and most experienced criminal defense attorneys to represent you.

If You Are Arrested In Delhi Township, Contact Brad Groene of im电竞官网

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Delhi Township or anywhere else in Hamilton County, Cincinnati, or the northern Kentucky area, then contact skilled criminal defense attorney Brad Groene of im电竞官网 today. From im电竞官网’ centrally located offices in Cincinnati’s Business District, Brad is available to represents clients who have been arrested in any of the following counties in Ohio: Hamilton, Montgomery, Miami, Brown, Clermont, Preble, Warren, Butler, Clinton and Greene counties in Ohio. Brad also provides competent, aggressive criminal defense representation in the following counties in northern Kentucky: Boone, Campbell, Bracken, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, and Pendleton.

Contact us online today or by calling (513) 338-1890 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.

Bradley Groene made an exceptionally difficult situation much easier to handle. He kept me informed of everything that was going to happen and got results for my case far better than I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend him for anyone who finds themselves in legal troubles.

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